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Цена: Отсутствует.
Артикул: 1035
Револьвер BREVETE F.EYRAUD SGDG EYRAUD, Jean Baptiste Støckel: St. Etienne Arquebusier 1825 — 1860 literature: Gazette des Armes # 112 + 137, on cylinder old French pre-proof stamp BREVETE F. EYRAUD S.G.D.G. BREVETE S.G.D.G. = Patent without government guarantee

Eyraud small «baby» tip down revolver, on cylinder # 3, on barrel lug F. EYRAUD, caliber 7mm pin fire, 3 1/8″ barrel with fixed front sight, under the barrel a level which after pushing sideways enables the barrel to tip down and makes it easy to remove the cylinder, the nickel plating almost 100% remaining, crisp checkered grips and in good working order. A rare variation in excellent condition    $2,250.

a less complicated Eyraud revolver, army sized in caliber 12mm, no visible serial #, 5½» barrel with font sight, on lug maker’s name with S.G.D.G. (sans garantie du gouvernement) and up-side down BREVETE. Under the barrel is a big lever, pushing it to the left enables the barrel to tip down for loading. The metal kept in the white, now pleasant mottled gray, the frame nicely engraved, plain grips and lanyard ring.  The rare revolver is in good working order and fine condition.    $1,800.

Bréveté SGDGsans garantie du gouvernement, = patent with no government guarantee

a less complicated Eyraud revolver, pocket sized in caliber 9mm, serial # 8 on barrel lug and cylinder, inscribed with BREVETE SGRD and ER — abbreviated for EYRAUD. The tip down barrel is attached with a wing-shaped lever which after turning 90 degrees allows the barrel to tip down for loading. 4″ barrel with high front sight, nicely engraved, On cylinder the St. Etienne proof stamp. The revolver is kept in the white as fashionable for the period, is in good working order and excellent condition. It comes in a green inlaid case with key. The set is very rare and in outstanding condition.    $3,750.